Dell XPS 13 Plus Release date, Keyboard, touchpad and Price full Review

Dell XPS 13 Plus Release date, Dell XPS 13 Plus Keyboard, Dell XPS 13 Plus Display, Dell XPS 13 Plus Price, and full review of Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop and their feature

The Dell XPS 13 Plus represents a step forward in terms of power and bold design for minimal design. I mean, you can’t even see the touch pad under the keyboard. Just hope it exists.

In terms of performance, the XPS 13 Plus is a beast, as it is designed to fit the Intel Core 28W model 12 processor, which goes up from 15W to the previous XPS 13. Also, there are bigger fans for better airflow, which means the Dell XPS 13 Plus should be a stronger competitor to the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro 14-inch.

As you might expect, the XPS 13 Plus sports a 4-dimensional Infinity Edge display to look unlimited. But Dell needed to make some adjustments in order to fit the CPU with such flesh inside this excellent 2.7-pound design. Our handbook review of Dell XPS 13 will show you all the pros and cons so far based on what we first saw.

Dell XPS 13 Plus Release date and price

The release date for the Dell XPS 13 Plus will be in the spring of 2022, but we do not yet have a specific date. Dell says the XPS 13 Plus will start at $ 1,199. The basic model includes an Intel Core 5-1240P type 12, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage and a 13.4-inch FHD + display.

Upgrade options include CPUs up to 12 Intel Core i7-1280P models, 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. You can also get a 3.5K OLED touch screen or a 4K LCD touch display.

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Dell XPS 13 Plus Design

The Dell XPS 13 looks sleek and modern but there are some distinctive features in the design. On the positive side, the XPS 13 is quite impressive for its CNC machine body and glass body, and weighs only 2.7 pounds with svelte foot presses of 11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches.

You can take your choice of two finishes, similar to the two flavors of the Star Wars army. There is a light (Platinum) and a dark (Graphite) and both versions use a pure-tone design to minimize distractions.

The touchpad is seamless, however, so you can’t see where it starts and ends. It is attached to the resting area of ​​the palm and provides haptic responses when touched. This setting worked well during our short operating time, but may need some customization.

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A major overhaul will likely be a new capacitive touch line, allowing you to switch between function and media keys. Given that Apple has dumped the Touch Bar with its MacBook Pro, it is surprising to see another laptop maker accept the same thing. But the good news is that the keys never change their position based on what you do; they are always the same.

Dell XPS 13 Plus specs

Pricefrom $1,199
Display13.4 inches (full HD+, full HD+ touch, 3.5K OLED or 4K LCD)
CPU12th gen Intel Core i5, Core i7
GPUIntel Iris X
RAM8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Storage256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB
Ports2 Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C), USB-C to USB-A adapter
Size11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches
Weight2.73 pounds

Dell XPS 13 Plus: Display

The Dell XPS 13 Plus continues to feature the 13.4-inch InfinityEdge with 4 sides, but this time Dell claims to have reduced the number of layers to improve clarity and weight loss.

Personally, the Dell XPS Premium OLED display looked bright and healthy, but there are a variety of options. It starts with a FHD + panel (1920 x 1200) with 500 nits light, and there is a touch screen version of the same display.

If you want more refinement, you can upgrade to a 3.5K OLED touch screen with better colors, complete black and wide viewing angles, even though the brightness is 400 nits. The 4K LCD touch option suggests adjustment and has a brightness of 500 nits.

Dell XPS 13 Plus Keyboard and touchpad

Touch typers should enjoy using the Dell XPS 13 Plus. It features a zero-lattice keyboard with large caps, and Dell says there is a deep (0.3mm) container that supports the structure.

During my working time, I did not notice the lack of space between the keys, and typing was quite comfortable with a good travel value. I wish the up and down arrows were bigger but generally speaking XPS 13 Plus typing experience is satisfying.

I would like to spend more time using the touchpad before making a decision, as it feels really different. As noted above, the touchpad is integrated into the palm rest area, so no visible lines can be seen, and the pad uses Piezo technology (small activated motors) to deliver a haptic response.

The click did not feel as satisfactory as, the MacBook Pro trackpad, but I did not experience any problems with scrolling or clicking.

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Dell XPS 13 Plus: Performance

The main reason for getting Dell XPS 13 Plus over XPS 13 is the standard Intel Core 12 processor with 28W power. That goes up to 15W on the previous Dell XPS 13 Plus. So you should expect better performance, especially during hard work.

In my short time working with XPS 13 Plus, it sounds great when I open apps and switch between multiple apps, but it’s hard to say yet how fast. We can’t wait to use our full series of benchmarks to see how well this laptop integrates with other Windows devices but especially the MacBook Pro 14-inch.

Dell gives you four processing options with the XPS 13 Plus, starting with the 12th gen Core i 5-1240P (4.4 GHz). There is also the 12th generation of Core i7-1260P (up to 4.7 GHz) and the Core i7-1270P (up to 4.8 GHz). The advanced Core i7-1280P increases the number of cores from 12 to 14 and the cache from 18MB to 24MB.

In terms of memory, the basic model gives you 8GB, but you can upgrade to 16GB or 32GB. And the final options include 256GB PCIe SSD, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. All XPS 13 Plus models come with Intel Iris X graphics.

Dell XPS 13 Plus Battery life and charging

The Dell XPS 13 Plus packs a 55WHr battery, larger than the 52WHr battery inside the standard Dell XPS 13. However, the Plus has a very powerful CPU, so its large battery will not translate into long-term endurance. We are looking forward to conducting a web filtering battery to see how the XPS 13 Plus reaches the competition.

Thanks to the technology of Express Charge 2.0, Dell says the XPS 13 Plus will reach 80% of battery life in less than an hour. We will be testing that again.

Dell XPS 13 Plus: Ports

We told you that the XPS 13 Plus has a minimal design, and access to ports. You get two Thunderbolt 4 (USB Type-C) ports, which support DisplayPort and power delivery. Dell connects USB-C adapter to USB-A.

Unlike the standard XPS 13, you do not get a headphone jack on the XPS 13 Plus or microSD card slot. That’s bad.

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Dell XPS 13 Plus outlook

The Dell XPS 13 Plus sounds like Windows the size of a MacBook Pro. While the standard XPS 13 offers more speed and longer battery life, some users simply demand more power. And at an initial price of $ 1,199, Dell discounted the 13-inch MacBook Pro by the M1 for $ 100.

Surprisingly, Dell was able to fit the Intel Core chip into a 28W 12th gen lightweight design. And we continue to love the Infinity Edge display. There are no chunky bezels or notches here. But at least for now, we are not thrilled by the capacitive touch function row. It helps to save room but use does not sound as premium as the rest of the design.

You will also need to be willing to stay with a few ports on the XPS 13 Plus, as you do not get a headphone jack or microSD card slot. It is clear that Dell has made some changes to provide more muscle in the soft pocket, but we will have to spend more time with this laptop to see if it wins.

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