How to make a YouTube channel within 3 minutes

How to make a YouTube channel within 3 minutes

(How to make a YouTube channel within 3 minutes ) Youtube You must have heard this name, there will be very few people in the world who have not heard the name of youtube because youtube is the world’s largest video share platform, which has been created by billions of people

In which 700 hours of videos are uploaded every minute it occurs YouTube was bought by Google for 1.65 million. YouTube sees billions of videos every day, in which you can watch videos for free and upload videos for free.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, this is why it is so big. Because it has become a part of Google, then Google is such a big search engine, then YouTube will also be a big search engine, there are a million searches on YouTube every day.

If you would be watching many channels every day and watching the videos of those channels, then you must be thinking that how can we also make our YouTube channel and earn money from it then if you do not know the right director to learn all this, then we will give you the right YouTube channel. will teach you how to make

YouTube is such a big free video-sharing platform YouTube is seen in 91 countries in 80 languages YouTube is no longer a video-sharing platform, it has become a part of our daily life, if you have any talent, then you reach your talent. If possible we can take the help of youtube

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What is a YouTube ?

(What is a YouTube? ) YouTube is a very big free video-sharing platform, in which you can come and watch videos for free, as well as you can earn money by uploading free videos, if you have talent, then you can share your talent through YouTube all over the world.

If you want to know something on any topic on YouTube, then you will search and thousands of videos will come in front of you that topic, you can increase your knowledge from YouTube, you can like someone’s video and share that video with your friends. You can share and comment on that video or you can also subscribe to someone’s channel.

YouTube is the world’s most popular website, which has 35 billion users every month and its earnings every month is up to 20 billion, of which 55% of the money is given to those who make videos on YouTube.

What is a YouTube channel?

What is a YouTube channel, now you have gone to YouTube, what is the society, so now we will tell you what is a YouTube channel, like if you give a drama on TV, then it will watch you on any channel, in the same way, you can watch any video on YouTube?

If yes, then it will also be uploaded on any channel, you can earn millions by creating your YouTube channel and publishing videos in it, you can make videos on your channel on whatever you are good at. Like you will get only articles related to Earning, Technology, Blogging on our blog Sourablog.

Why is YouTube channel

Now you must have come to know that what is a YouTube channel, now we will tell you why we should make a YouTube channel, after reading this article further, you will know why we should make a YouTube channel, what is the need of it

Because of these reasons, you can create a YouTube channel

1. Reaching New Customers:- You can reach your goods to new customers by uploading videos on YouTube channels.

2. Reaching Target Audience:- You can reach the Reaching Target Audience from your YouTube channel, that too very easily.

3. Take The Business Forward:- If you are into digital marketing, then you must know that how important it is to get organic traffic to take your website or business forward, then YouTube channel helps you in this work, you get a good push from YouTube channel.

4. Driving Traffic To Website:- If you create quality content on your website, then for more viewers, you can create a YouTube channel and put the link of the website in the description before publishing the video.

5. To Earn Money:- We create a YouTube channel to earn money, most of the users come to YouTube to earn money, you can also earn money by creating a YouTube channel.

Now you must have understood why we have to create a YouTube channel.

How To Make a YouTube channel

If you are interested in creating a YouTube channel, then we will teach you how to make a YouTube channel, all you have to do is follow these steps.

To create a YouTube channel, you have to create an email account, you just have to have a Google Gmail ID, if you have Google’s Gmail ID, then sign it to YouTube, if you do not have to create a Gmail ID, then you comment us. We will also give you an article on how to make Gmail ID

#1 Visit The Official Website of YouTube

First of all, go to Google Chrome on your phone or computer and search then you will reach the YouTube website.

#2 Account Login to YouTube

You can log in to YouTube through this link and then from any device in YouTube, while you have to log in to your Gmail ID to get further access.

#3 Click On Your Channel

After sing in, you will see a photo on your profile, click on it, then you will get many more then click on Create your channel below.

#4 Select Channel Name

Now you will get the information of your channel name and it will be given the name of your channel, you will have to desist the channel name once.

You will see both the “Use your name” and “Use a custom name” option on the next screen. If you want to create a channel in your name then choose the first option and if you want to create a channel with your brand name then choose the second option.

Thing to Remember

(i) Make sure you choose a name that is simple and easy to remember

(ii) The smaller the better, the better don’t keep the name of the channel too big.

(iii) Keep the name of the channel unique and good which no one has named like our channel name sourablog unique and short

(iv) It is better if the type of content you are putting on your channel is related to the same name.

#5 Set Profile Picture

After following all these steps set your channel name then set your youtube channel’s brand name and set your brand logo on the profile picture Along with that you have to enter channel description, website link, and social profile. After entering all, click on SAVE AND CONTINUE button.

How Do You Start Your own YouTube channel?

If you have created your YouTube channel, then now you have to manage it, you will have to keep uploading videos, upload one type of video on your channel, that means to upload a video on a topic like your channel is on blogging, then you will get 2 videos in a week.

Have to upload if your channel is on Vlog then you have to upload videos daily if your channel is on comedy videos then you will also upload one video in a month then your channel will go on

How Do You Become a YouTube for Beginners?

If you are a beginner in YouTube, then you should work on a kind of topic so that no one can stop your YouTube channel from growing. If you are putting a video on earning,

Then your users will be connected to you because they are getting ways to earn from your channel, if you put a song in that channel, then your users will not be on your channel, they will leave the channel, so you are put videos on different topics

How Much Money Does a YouTube make?

How does YouTube earn money If YouTube does not know how to earn money, then how does it give money to the person doing this work and how does YouTube give money to the users who make videos on it,

how does YouTube make money, this question has come to your mind, so today we are going to give you money. If you give any video on YouTube, then ads come on those videos, then with the help of those ads, youtube earns money, company to its brand and logo.

If you give ads on YouTube to ask, then the company gets more users from these ads and the company pays money to YouTube to promote the company, the company pays crores of rupees to YouTube for these ads and YouTube gets these ads. plays on your video,

which benefits both you and youtube, youtube give 55% of its earnings to YouTubers and keeps 45% if 1000 people have seen that ad on your video then you get 1$

What is the Minimum Eligibility to Become a YouTube Partner?

Now let us tell you that all this should be on your channel to make you YouTube’s eligibility partner.

a) Your channel should have a watch time of 4000 hours

b) You must have more than 1000 Subscribers

c) There should not be a community guideline strike on your channel

d) Along with this you must also have an AdSense account

What makes a YouTube channel successful?

How can you become a successful YouTuber, if you want to be successful in the carrier of YouTube, then you have to upload videos daily, meaning you will have to publish 4 videos in a week, along with you have to assure your user that whatever you tell is the truth.

And you do not have to talk to your user and you have to keep giving giveaways from time to time and you cannot take a gap of two to three months on youtube, which will make your channel dead, you will have to work on a niche that means video on one topic.

If you make videos on different topics, then you will never be successful in YouTube, if you want success in YouTube, then you will have to adopt these methods.


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