Nintendo Switch OLED gets burn-in test for 1,800 hours — here’s what happened


The Nintendo Switch OLED is an excellent handheld gaming console, combining Nintendo’s robust game library with an even larger and more vibrant screen. Of course, OLED screens have a few drawbacks, compared to standard LCD models. They’re more expensive, for one thing. They’re tough to manufacture. And, of course, their screens are sometimes prone to burn-in. Switch OLED owners can rest easy on the last count, however — unless you plan to stay on a single screen for more than 11 weeks at a time.

These findings come courtesy of Bob Wulff, a YouTuber who has a tech channel called Wulff Den. One of his most recent videos, “I left my OLED Nintendo Switch on for 1,800 hours straight” tells an encouraging story. Wanting to test whether Nintendo’s new handheld was susceptible to burn-in, he engineered an experiment to test the device firsthand. To make a long story short, burn-in is not a concern.


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