The organic keyword and backlink and full detail of any website.

The organic keyword and backlink to any website is the detail of the whole website.

( The organic keyword and backlink to any website is the detail of the whole website. ) We taught you what a website is and how to make it and we have given you complete information about what a blog is and how to make it, now we can check the organic keyword of your website or blog or see the organic keyword website traffic or backlink of someone else’s website.

We will teach you how to analyze any site, how to get full details about the website, you will get complete information in this article. If you are just starting out then there will be questions in your mind and more, nothing will scare you.

At the end of this article, you will learn everything. But if you are already doing blogging you should be learning about keywords somewhere. Keywords are very important to increase traffic to your blog/website and page rank.

organic keyword sourablog
organic keyword sourablog

What is organic keyword?

The answer to this question begins here. The keyword is a phrase or sentence. What you use in the article to describe your article. Like “What is a keyword” this is a phrase, called a keyword in a blog or SEO language.

If you are a new blogger, you will understand this example well. You should write a story about Mahatma Gandhi and that in Hindi. So you will probably search Google for something like “Essay On Mahatma Gandhi In Hindi” or “Essay on Mahatma Gandhi” and both of your keywords.

The post or title of the post cannot be stated. How to increase traffic to your site. The title you are writing on is a keyword. If you want to write SEO Friendly Article you have to direct the phrase. This article will refer to Target Phrase as the target keyword.

You can say this, search for anything on Google and get results for all your questions, and you can say one keyword to them. Now the question must have come to your mind as to what a keyword requirement is in the title or post. Now we will answer this question next.

What is keyword research

Keyword Search / Search is the process by which we can find the most searched word (keyword) in a search engine. To get more traffic and a higher level of Search Engine by adding Popular Search Terms to our post.

Keyword research is a very important part of measuring any of Google’s top posts and doing SEO. In a keyword search, you should find the keywords well given the time.

What is the easiest and most convenient way to do keyword research on a blog? If you are blogging in other languages you may have a problem because there are not many SEO tools available in another language. Now you will see how to get the “keywords” 2021 in Hindi.

What is Backlink?

A Backlink is a link that makes the transition from one website to another. When a link to one webpage is linked to a link to another webpage, we call it a backlink. With the help of simple language, I will tell you better about backlinks.

For example, suppose there is a fine website where many visitors come to read the article on its page, and if a link to your site has been provided on that web page, visitors to that page will click on your link. site on your web page.

They re-enter so that visitors to your site start to grow daily and your website will start to rank better in the search engine. This is what we call a backlink.

How to check detail of any website

You have to check any website organic keyword and give backlink referring domain Domain authority and page authority as well as the age of the domain and when it was registered, we will tell you the complete details

How to check organic keyword

If you want to see organic keyword traffic to a website, then you will need any online SEO tool, we will tell you a website in which you can see the organic keyword of any website for free, the name of that website is Semrush with the help of this website.

sourablog organic keyword

You can see the organic keyword of any website, that too free, you have to create an account on this website, then enter the URL of that website to see the organic keyword of the website, then search, you will come across the organic keyword of that website from semrush. Can do only 10 searches in a day

If you have to check the backlink of any website, then you have to follow that step, you have to first go to the website of semrush and enter the URL of that website, then you have the organic keyword of that website in front of you, along with that you will also see the backlink.

If you click on it, then you will get the complete details that how many backlinks this website has given to you, as well as the type of backlink, its attribute, and which domain you have given your backlink, the complete details will come in front of you.

How to check DA and PA

If you want to check the DA PA of any website, then you have to follow that step, you have to first go to the website of semrush and enter the URL of that website, then the domain of the same site you have entered in front of you. Authority will come

If you do not know what is Domain Authority or what is Page Authority, otherwise you can see our posts. You can check the domain authority in another way, we have written an article on that too, you can see that too, you have to click on this link What is Domain Authority in Seo and how to improve it?

How to check the whois of any domain

If you do not know whois, then we tell you what is whois, whois tells the details of your domain, when this domain was registered and from which company this domain has been taken and when this domain will expire, you have got its details.

Also, if you want to check the Whois of the domain, then you have to go to the whois website, then you will have to enter the URL of the domain on the corner, then you will get its full details.

How to check county ranking

We will tell you the country ranking that you can check the country ranking of any website, for that we will tell you a website from which you can see the country ranking of that website, the extension of this website also you can go to Chrome web store and search After downloading

Then you go to any website and click on that extension, the country ranking will be shown according to the traffic of that website, otherwise, you can go to its website and search, simply click on web traffic and access their official website. will you go

Which Google tool is used for keyword research?

The keyword tool uses Google autocomplete (which uses search behavior and data) to generate long-tail keyword suggestions for any term. Google Automatic Completion usually gives you only five suggestions, but this tool shows you hundreds of suggestions available.

Which is best semrush and ahrefs

Which is the best among semrush and ahrefs, we will tell you which of the two gives the correct result, let us tell you that semrush gives you 10 results for free but ahrefs does not give you results for free, you have to take membership of the same semrush.

The results are not accurate but they are free and ahrefs are somewhat accurate but not free, I am of the opinion that if you are a beginner then you should go to semrush and if you are professional then go to ahrefs. In ahrefs, you can see the data of your website. You just have to own the website and connect to google analytics.


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