Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra release date, Price, Camera and full Review

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra release date, Price, Camera and full Review, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Displays, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra battery and charging

2022 is not far off, which means it is not a Samsung Galaxy S22. Rumors, leaks and speculation are in full swing right now, which means we already have a good idea of ​​what Samsung is up to for Android phone buyers next year.

One of the most compelling rumors that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have multiple Note DNA lines, our Phone Editor Jordan Palmer thinks could make the Galaxy Note we all have been waiting for. And it is one of our most anticipated 2022 calls.

And for all the next generation phones, we expect camera upgrades, a new chipset, a refined design and more. Such improvements will be acceptable. While our review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 was very positive, consumers seemed to be less excited about Samsung’s three leading phones. The Galaxy S22 Ultra should be the most exciting model, as it is thought to include the S Pen and a similar design to the Galaxy Note.

Significantly, some improvements in camera performance may be acceptable, as the iPhone 13 series brings better image quality than the S21 in some cases. And the Galaxy S22 will also have to compete with the Google Pixel 6 and its Tensor chip, as well as the cheap S21 FE, which leaked again recently and is expected to arrive in January.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra sourablog

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price

With the Galaxy S21 system, Samsung has reduced the cost of all three models by $ 200, and we do not see prices rising.

So if Samsung stays the same, the Galaxy S22 will cost $ 799, the Galaxy S22 Plus will cost $ 999 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will cost $ 1,199.

However, the new rumor is that the Galaxy S22 range has been hit to raise the price. The Galaxy S22 is reported to increase to $ 849 the original price, the Galaxy S22 Plus to $ 1,049 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra to $ 1,299. Seeing the Ultra go up to the same price as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is not as surprising as it is expected to be a spiritual note to Noty.

That being said, some rumors say the Galaxy S22 could start at $ 799 just like its predecessor. The rumors came from Sam Mobile, citing sources that made the claim. We are part of believing this, because it would make sense for Samsung to keep the price of non-Ultra models the same.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Displays

Rumors from leaky Mauri QHD, who has a good track record of Samsung leaks, say Samsung is lowering the display on the Galaxy S22 range compared to the Galaxy S21; Ice Universe, another trusted publisher shared the same thing. Our assumption is that this is a good thing and that the Galaxy S22 can save us on very large phones.

The Galaxy S22 is about 6.06 inches (down from 6.2 inches on the S21); The S22 Plus will play a 6.5-inch panel (down from 6.7 inches); and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be 6.81 inches (down from 6.9 inches).

Samsung will keep the display design similar to the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus, according to leaks indicating phone displays or display protectors. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, however, seems to have square corners, and is the hallmark of the Galaxy Note-ification phone.

The S22 Plus display reduction was also supported by a report from Slashgear. In addition, Mauri QHD claims that only the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will take pride in LTPO technology, which means it can only measure the refresh rate from its display from 120Hz down to 1Hz. This helps save battery life.

The latest tip of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is that the phone will have the brightest display on the Galaxy phone. Considering the Galaxy S21 Ultra hits at 1500 nits light, we can do without the next-generation Ultra which is more than 2,000 nits. And increasing the brightness can help bring HDR and convincing colors, perfect for watching movies and playing games.

Regarding product mix, another report from The Elec states that the 6.1-inch Galaxy S22 will see the highest production capacity at 50-60%. Only 20% of the share is reportedly reserved for the 6.6-inch S22 Plus. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will obviously count 20 to 30 remaining.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Design

We are approaching the launch of the Galaxy S22, as we have seen the first suspected live images of the Galaxy S22. This is due to a leak from the Ice Universe. The back features a slightly more pronounced contour cut camera, which is nice.

The following images of whether the Galaxy S22 system might show the same look of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, has a matte back and a flat design. The phone looks very similar to one of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablets, which is accompanied by rumors that we will be getting into it soon.

There is also a video leak of the Galaxy S22 that shows all three models and supports what we saw in the photos. The S22 Ultra / S22 Note is definitely in its segment with a square design and a built-in S Pen cap.

If it is believed that the leaked drawings of the Galaxy S22 should be credible, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Pro will play similar designs to the previous S21 but with a smaller size.

The standard S22 can measure 149.98 x 70.56 x 7.65mm, compared to 151.7x 71.2 x 7.9mm. And the Galaxy S22 Pro (not Plus) can be 157.43 x 75.83 x 7.65mm in the S22 Pro; The S21 Plus was 161.5 x 75.6 x 7.8mm.

Elsewhere, a tip from Leader Mauri QHD on Twitter states that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature a smaller design than the Galaxy S21. However, this may result in smaller batteries.

There is also a concept set offered by the Galaxy S22 from Lets Go Digital, which highlights possible design changes. This includes a large rear camera connected to four smaller sensors, as well as a possible cooling system.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras

It looks like the Galaxy S22 and the Plus stablemate is set to upgrade the main and rear telephoto cameras, at least according to the reliable leaky Ice Universe.

Apparently, both phones will use a 50MP main camera, which could be fitted with the Samsung GN5 sensor the company revealed earlier this year, and which already provides excellent results on the Google Pixel 6.

What about the power of zoom? One rumor points to the Galaxy S22 offering a 3X telephoto zoom lens with a resolution of 10MP. This could be an improvement over the previous 3x hybrid optical zoom.

Samsung is reportedly testing the ability to shoot 8K video at 60 frames per second for the Galaxy S22. This could be better than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which comes out at 24fps with 8K video. Granted, very few people have 8K TVs, as they are expensive. But this upgrade will result in a phone that proves the future.

Previously, the Galaxy S22 range was captured to come with the same resolution sensors as before; so 10MP for Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus and 40MP for Galaxy S22 Ultra. This may seem disappointing, but there are potential hardware changes, such as wide spaces. And Samsung may have worked to improve image processing on the side of their next-generation software, hopefully reducing the sharpness or smoothness, as well as allowing for more light and color.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen support

According to the leaky Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may have an S Pen attached to the slot, which could be a Galaxy Note device. This move will make sense, as Samsung has provided S Pen support for the previous S21 Ultra but without the holster.

In addition, the design of the S22 Ultra may be similar to the Galaxy Note series, which may be a more square look and a wider aspect ratio. The latter can make sense to have more space to write. We do not know whether the Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Plus will receive S Pen support.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs and graphics

The main chip that empowers the Galaxy S22 could be the recently launched Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. In fact, rumors were circulating before Qualcomm unveiled its new chipset and said Samsung could be the company that made the new Snapdragon chip.

The Galaxy S22 Plus benchmark was acquired using the next-generation Snapdragon chip. The results do not look very hot compared to the calls currently available, but we can assume that points will increase as Samsung makes final adjustments to the phone before launch. Appropriately, Qualcomm claims that the Kryo CPU on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is 20% faster than its predecessor with 30% energy saving. The Adreno GPU should increase speed by 30% while operating efficiently by 25% in terms of power consumption.

There have been rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S22 could get a huge boost in image capabilities, with the GPU based on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture, which happens to support the PS5 and Xbox Series X. That doesn’t mean the Galaxy S22 will be powerful. of the latest games that are comforting, but can easily surpass the calls on our list of best gaming consoles.

The rumors have been given added credibility by the tip that Samsung is testing several preparations for the new Exynos 2200 chip that plays AMD graphics. And a loyal Ice Universe detective posted Wild Life allegations on Twitter about a single configuration operation; Image benchmark results showed 8,134 points with an average FPS of 50.3. That is extremely impressive on an Android phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra battery and charging

The first rumors of the Galaxy S22 were focused on charging – we have heard that Samsung may re-launch the 65W faster charging with the Galaxy S22. This comes as a result of the leak of the well-known Ice Universe, which Samsung claims is testing the 25W, 45W, and 65W charging.

However, that may not be the case as the new range related to the Galaxy S22 range seen on China’s 3C technology control website, has an upcoming phone that will be accompanied by a 25W pre-charge charger. This could be a huge reduction, given the past rumors and the fact that Samsung is lagging behind the popularity of Oppo and OnePlus when it comes to charging speed and power consumption.

However, the Galaxy S22 can get 25W wireless charging, providing significant improvements to the 15W range that the Galaxy S21 has. That may mean faster charging times, although it may require you to get a certain stand; that is nothing new as some phones with high power chargers require related docks.

The Ice Universe has more details about possible Galaxy S22 batteries. The Galaxy S22 will offer a 3,800 mAh power pack while the Galaxy S22 Plus will use a 4,600 mAh battery – both of these figures represent a 200 mAh drop. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to maintain a pre-5,000 mAh size.

However, a new list allegedly made from 3C Certification, China’s compliant electronics service, has revealed what is believed to be the Galaxy S22 Plus and the less powerful Galaxy S22 Ultra with its predecessors.

The Galaxy S22 Plus can have 4,370 mAh battery and the Galaxy S22 Ultra can come with 4,855 mAh battery capacity. That means the batteries may be even smaller than the Ice Universe requested. These reported battery sizes contradict one report of the Dutch website GalaxyClub, which states that the S22 Plus will have 4,500 mAh battery. Either way, the trend is low.

The above has been given added credibility by new rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S22 may have a smaller battery than the Galaxy S21. The titdbit claims that the Galaxy S22 will have an average battery of 3,590 mAh, with less power than 2021 not to mention 2022. A certificate sent to Safety Korea also confirmed the rumors, after sending a battery that allegedly came from the Galaxy S22. . That battery had a total capacity of 3,700 mAh, with a usable capacity of 3,590 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Feature

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Basic

True full screen design: This is a rumor that it will happen so it is not a big question. We would love to see the full screen design of the Galaxy S22 with the front camera disappear if you do not need it. We would also like you to be able to use apps in full screen mode without having to dig in settings as you do now with other apps and games.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra A sharp note: Samsung has reduced the resolution of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus from quad HD to 1080p, in an effort to save costs. But it would have been nice if the sharp solution was not a special feature of the Galaxy S22 Ultra in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra : Currently, only Galaxy S21 Ultra: supports S Pen as an option, while Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus do not. So if Samsung intends to add S Pen support to additional devices, digital provisioning for all three models of the Galaxy S22 would be welcome.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Fast charging (even if not in the box): After offering the 45W charger option to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung withdrew the benefits of the Galaxy S21 system. However, the leak points to Samsung to release a 65W charger, and hopefully it supports the Galaxy S22 system.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Long battery life: The battery life of the Galaxy S21 was not bad, but it could have been better. In Tom’s Guide’s battery test, the standard Galaxy S21 lasted 9 hours and 53 minutes when the web went into 5G, but that dropped to 6:31 with the flexible display mode on.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra performed better, as it tolerated 11 hours and 25 minutes in 60Hz and 10:07 mode with flexibility. Keep in mind that the flexible display on the S21 Ultra is very powerful, as it can drop to 10 Hz, compared to the 48Hz of S21 and S21 Plus. So it would be nice if Samsung could decorate the S22 and S22 Plus for the same upgrade rate as the Ultra for its next phones.

Better cooling: Some Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra users and reviewers have complained that the Galaxy S22 can work warmly under heavy load or when playing for long periods of time. So it would be nice to see a better cooling solution for the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Restore MicroSD: The Galaxy S21 saw the removal of MicroSD card space, which annoyed many users and fans. Although Samsung has not given a reason for this, we expect that there may be something to keep the S21 cost as low as possible. However, that does not mean that we do not want to see expandable storage coming back from the Galaxy S22. Samsung was one of the last basics of this feature in the flagship market after all.

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