Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Review ๐Ÿ‘Œ:- Price, Release Date, Display

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Review, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Release date and price, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Camera, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Performance

Android tablet for iPad users who can feel at home with it. My first thought when I picked it up was: “It’s an iPad Pro, but it’s Android.” It is not hard to see why. During the performance of this update of the Galaxy Tab S7, the resemblance stood out, as its aluminum chassis, beautiful screen and nice sound speakers make it a great challenge for a leading iPad.

But the Tab S7 doesn’t just stand in the shadow of Apple. Its battery life outweighs the iPad Pro, and that is one of the reasons why the Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the best tablets for Android, and is one of the most advanced, with its poor keyboard coverage and poor performance setting up the roof. how can it go up.

If you are looking for the latest in the Samsung tablet world, check out our guide on everything we have learned about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 from the rumor mill. In the meantime, keep reading to see how Samsung competes with Apple – including where the iPad Air 2020 bet the Tab S7, and where Samsung has the Apple number.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Design

The Galaxy Tab S7 is a full-screen tablet with small bezels and aluminum frame. Sold in Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze, this slide looks incredibly similar to the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros.

That’s not a bad thing, as if you lower the tablet to its screen – which is exactly what we want – there is little room for improvement. Right now I like Samsungโ€™s color options and Mystic finishes tad more than what Apple offers.

At 10 x 6.5 x 0.2 inches and 1.1 pounds, the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S7 is thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 7 (0.3 inches thick, 1.7 pounds), though the hair is heavier than the 11-inch iPad Pro (0.2 inches thick, 1 pound) and 10.9-inch iPad Air 2020 (0.2 inches, 1 pound).

At the back, you have an S-Pen mounted for magnetic capture and a small camera strap, which weโ€™ll get to later.

There is a USB-C power connector and data transfer right for the Tab S7, and on the top edge, it has a power button (doubles as a fingerprint sensor) and a volume rocker. There is also an SD memory reader to expand local storage and a pogo connector down to connect the Samsung Cover Book keyboard of your choice.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Release date and price

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus went on sale on September 18, 2021, following pre-orders that have been live since September 2. The Tab S7 starts at $ 649, while the Tab S7 Plus starts at $ 849.

With a mobile connection, you will spend $ 100 more on LTE and $ 200 more on 5G. The LTE Galaxy Tab S7 costs $ 749, while the 5GB Tab S7 costs $ 849, while the LTE Tab S7 Plus costs $ 949, while the 5G Tab S7 Plus costs $ 1,049.

Currently, you can get the Tab S7 for $ 509 at Amazon and the Tab S7 Plus for $ 709. At AT&T, you can get the Galaxy Tab S7 5G for $ 849 (or $ 23.62 a month with a 30-month installment plan).

Verizon also sold the Galaxy Tab S7 5G for $ 849 ($ 31.24 a month for 24 months) and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G for $ 1,049 ($ 43.74 a month for 24 months). Both T-Mobile and US Cellular offer tablets as well.

Like the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard, Book Cover Keyboard and Book Cover Book for Galaxy Tab S7 is more expensive. You will spend $ 199 (Tab S7) or $ 229 (Tab S7 Plus) for Book Cover Keyboards, as well as $ 69 (Tab S7) and $ 79 (Tab S7 Plus) for Book Cover cases. Both protect the docked S-Pen from falling.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Cameras

I do not really allow you to use the tablet in photography, but the Galaxy Tab S7’s front-facing camera is ready for video conferencing and its rear camera will do a bit.

The photos I took with the 8MP tablet front camera captured my pink skin tone, as well as the pink and red of my T-shirt, as well as the texture of both my fabric and my face.

The 13MP rear camera did an excellent job of photographing, encapsulating the colors of my Hulk figures and Fiend Funko Pop. The 5MP wide-angle camera on the back of the Galaxy Tab S7 is only useful when you need to take a wide picture, as you are trading a lot of detail remotely. For example, the interior photos of my apartment saw paintings look very bad on very wide shots.

The rear cameras of the Tab S7 have a small bump on the back (though they don’t look as pronounced as the iPad Pro’s). Fortunately, the tablet does not move back and forth when you leave it lying on the table. This small problem is not even a concern for those who wear an S Pen on the back, as the stylus is much larger than the camera bump.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Display

Watching a natural 4K video from YouTube, I was impressed by the Tab S7’s 2560 x 1600-pixel panel as I watched a hungry squirrel eat food. The blades of grass and wool are equally bright, while the brown of animal fur and green vegetation looks precise and bright.

And while I only saw the smidge on the screen as I watched that glowing video, the thought intensified as I pulled out the Mandalorian season 2 black and red trailer. While I was still seeing WWE star Sasha Banks playing Jedi, hidden. in the shade, all the black trailer guns showed me more of myself than the trailer.

According to our Klein K10-A colorimeter, the Galaxy Tab S7 produces 152% of the gamut of sRGB color in the Vivid screen mode that opens automatically, and 111% when switching to Natural color.

Both numbers are high with a 97% rating from Surface Pro 7, while a 123% rating from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is somewhere in the middle, with the iPad Air 2020 hitting 102.9%. That follows Apple’s pattern that tends to get more realistic color balance than Samsung’s default options.

In terms of brightness, the Galaxy Tab S7 is rated at up to 500 nits, and we are so close, our colorimeter records a maximum brightness of 499 nits. The 559-nit iPad Pro gets even brighter, while the 440-nit iPad Air 2020 and 395-nit Surface Pro 7 are darker.

The Galaxy Tab S7 has a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz (iPad Pro with and without Surface Pro), which provides smooth butter movement. In order to see for myself, I enabled and turned off the setting (found in Settings> Display> Movement Slide) and watched as the videos went very smoothly and how the text looked a little pixel when you scroll.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Audio

The Samsung Galaxy S7 releases jams well (you can make them sound better, too). Andre 3000’s vocals echoed in UGK’s “Int’l Player’s Anthem (I Choose You),” and I heard bass and sweet cymbals clashing as hordes of song drums beat, cracked and clapped.

For some reason, I was unable to enable Dolby Atmos audio while in DeX mode, but when I returned to normal mode and found an option (Settings> Sounds & Vibration> Sound & Effects> Dolby Atmos), it released an extra oompf. of Cardi B and Bruno Mars ” Please Me. “

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chip in Tab S7 provided enough pep to do a lot of things, as I didn’t see any delays (both in DeX mode and off) when I split its screen between the 12 Chrome tabs and YouTube video -1080p. Spotify and Google Docs worked in the background, and both went well when I changed active audio or took notes.

That being said, the Galaxy Tab S7โ€™s Geekbench 5 multi-core score of 3,074 is not something we should be proud of. A12Z-powered iPad Pro 2020 (4,635), A14 Bionic-based iPad Air (4,262) and 10th Gen Core i5 Surface Pro 7 (4,878) scored significantly higher than Tab S7’s.

Asphalt 9 has gone well enough on the Galaxy Tab S7, though I have seen the shortcomings here and the confusion there. I am far from a fan of the racing game, but I can still hold my first place as I ride Mitsubishi in San Francisco.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Software

The Galaxy Tab S7 slides use the Android 10 version with Samsung user tweets at the top. Samsung users tend to like this touch, which has been greatly refined over the years.

Since taking notes is a big part of the Galaxy Note tablets and phones, it amazes me that it took Samsung so long to get its Samsung Notes system integrated into all its phones, tablets and PC systems. There is also the ability to record audio and embed it within a notes file, so you can hear what was being said while taking certain notes.

Samsung Notes also offers to convert text into more readable writing. Ironically, handwriting recognition will place the text slightly altered carelessly, as it moved mine to the left side of the PDF I was defining. The ability to clean handwriting is acceptable (also for iPadOS 14), but it usually kept some of my flaws (i.e. some triangles had smaller divots).

DeX mode has the same problem that many iPadOS and Android apps have: the multi-tasking process is yet to come. For example, when I opened Google Meet, it started with a warning that it might not work properly in this mode. When I first tested the Galaxy S7, I was annoyed to see that Meet only works in full screen mode. Now? It will not allow me to set it to full screen mode, instead it only works in window mode.

Another thing that annoys me is that when you search for apps in DeX mode, I wish the top effect could be automatically selected on the screen, so pressing the Enter key can open it. Instead, you need to use a keyboard or touch pad, or tap the screen.

DeX mode has a lot to like, however, thanks to the smart steps that go to the bottom of the screen button. Search / Command button is the fastest way to search apps, and it ‘s so good that I wish it could work like this in normal Android mode, although it seems Samsung only expects DeX mode to be used when connected to Book Cover. Keyboard.

Another feature of DeX that I appreciate is how the apps you use stay open both ways (most of the time). From Samsung’s flavor of Android to DeX, I heard Spotify keep kicking off Khalid and Diclosure’s “Talk” sounds, but YouTube videos stopped playing when I moved between them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Security

The combination of the fingerprint reader and face recognition on the Galaxy Tab S7 gives you a “almost the best of both worlds”. I would also like to have the Tab S7 Plus on-screen fingerprint reader, as that is easier to use than the slightly reversed power button with no visible indication of its location. Youโ€™ll get used to it over time, but itโ€™s not fun to โ€œget used toโ€ anything.

That being said, the Galaxy Tab S7 fingerprint reader is very fast, until I am not fast enough with the stopwatch to check how little time it took to confirm.

Face recognition in the bezel (another common feature for owners of the iPad Pro and Surface Pro) works best in well-lit rooms, pausing in dark areas like my home office.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: S-Pen

The new S-Pen just doesn’t seem comfortable, but it does sound more realistic and more like a real pen than the flat Samsung models that gave the Galaxy Tab slots past. As I draw on Samsung Notes, I noticed a quick input recognition, which Samsung scales at 9ms, paired with a 2nd Gen Apple Pencil.

However, I did not like the sound of the pencil drawing on the paper that came out of the Galaxy Tab S7 as I wrote on it. It reminds us of how silent motor vehicles play the role of fake engines on their speakers. To disable this, I declined System Sound.

I still prefer Apple’s 2nd Pencil (though I don’t like how it costs $ 129 more), because it’s easier to draw and pull out that pen. Extracting the S Pen requires you to try recklessly and remove the S-Pen from the back first, or look behind the Tab S7 to find it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Book Cover Keyboard

When I checked out the Galaxy Tab S7 Book Cover Key ($ 199 extension) in the typical test of, I clicked my way to 74 words per minute, not too far from my 80 wpm limit. This is a very strong voting keyboard, as I always need time to get used to keyboard formats that I rarely use or never use.

Not only is it a decent speed, but my 94% accuracy rate is a good indicator of how good the Tab S7 Textbook Cover is. Those with smaller fingers may prefer Tab S7 than Tab S7 Plus, as the number keys on the S7 are smaller, and the S7 Plus’ number keys are full sizes.

The touchpad also gives a touch, and there is a full line of function keys. During my time with the Tab S7 Plus, I noticed that the window touch went smoothly without stitching.

The only real flaw with the Book Cover keyboard is that it has two pieces: a sit-down keyboard and a back plate that covers the S-Pen and provides it as a kicking object. Because if it is two separate pieces, breaking the Tab S7 in the other two is a difficult task. Surface Pro 7 and iPad Pro have only one docket when it comes to typing time.

Although I don’t like how the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard costs $ 100 to $ 120 more than the Book Cover keyboard, I still love it. The Magic Keyboard is not only easy to attach, but its floating and adjustable hinge is easier to maneuver than the Book Cover keyboard kickstand. Surface Pro 7’s $ 159 Type Cover is very affordable, but its real flaw is the lack of a proper Ctrl key, similar to the Tab S7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Battery life

The 8,000 mAh battery on the Galaxy Tab S7 offers longer battery life throughout the day, making it 13 hours and 16 minutes in our Wi-Fi based battery tests. That defeated the iPad Pro (10:16) and iPad Air (10:29) and the towers over time from the Surface Pro 7 (7:52) by more than 5 hours.

Samsung is limiting the Galaxy Tab S7 for up to 14 hours of video playback. It also notes that enabling 120Hz rechargeable rates will cost you battery life. We look forward to testing the Tab S7 again to see how long it lasts for that enabled.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review: Verdict

Samsung has been trying to make the Galaxy Tab S-series great for a while, and if its latest Tab S6 Lite was the first home run company, the Tab S7 is another homer with fewer runners on the base. From its magnificent bright and sharp screen to its high-end design, this is a tablet Apple fans might call the iPad Pro clone, but it is one that Android users need to consider.

If the Tab S7 keyboard were not so simple, and its Snapdragon 865+ could be compatible with the larger guns Intel and Apple have released, this would be the best tablet.

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