Top 15 Earning Website Make Money Online Without Investment

Earn money online without spending. In today’s world, everyone has a Smartphone and everyone is using the internet. But do you know that we can earn money through the internet also?

If you read this post carefully then you can easily earn money from Make Money Online sitting at home. There are many ways to do online home money earning. Some actually pay and some don’t.

Here, if you go through the Top 20 Ways to Make Online Make Money Without Investment in Hindi, then today we will know some such ways with the help of which we can earn money from the internet.

Make Money Online Without Investment 

There are many ways to earn money from online internet sitting at home. But here you have been presented information about earning money without spending. Whatever method you like.

You can earn money that way. But here information about Earning Money without Investment is given. Which have been told by filtering the best.

Top 20 Earning website

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Taskrabbit
  5. Wonder
  6. Sourablog
  7. Merch by amazon
  8. Hiresine
  9. Affilate marketing
  10. Blogging
  11. Youtube Channel
  12. Swagbucks
  13. Google adsense
  14. Sutterstock
  15. 2capthca

Now we are going to tell you about all these websites, how it works and how to earn money from them, we will tell you in detail about each website which you understand. so let’s start

1. What is Freelancer

Freelancers are those who earn money by working from home, when a person works online or offline from home, then we call him a freelancer. If you understand in easy language, then suppose you know Designing very well and you are very expert in it,

you want that you can earn money from this talent but, you don’t even want to know the office, and want I wish that you could work from home, the way you know good designing, then maybe someone needs a good designer for any of their work?

So just like you needed work, the other person needed a workman, so in this way, if you work from home for someone and he will give you money for your work, then we will call him a freelancer.

If you also have such a talent that you think that you do that work very well or you are very expert in it, then you can also become a freelancer. You can also earn money online from your talent sitting at home.

2. What is Fiverr

Let us tell you that Fiverr is a website where there is a deal between the seller and the customer, that is, the seller can sell any work according to his skills like if you are a good web designer or you can edit logo, video, photo with photoshop.

Or if you can give a good review of something, then you will get hundreds of such work on the Fiverr website. Fiverr has been created so that Freelancer can find the client and the freelancer easily.

It is useful for both. If you want to get work on Fiverr then you can register yourself as a freelancer on Fiverr and earn money by giving digital services to clients. Fiverr is not the only website like this, but if you want, you can earn money on Upwork, people per hour, and freelancers too.

3. What is Upwork

Upwork is one such website. Which gives you Online Work or an Online Job. With the help of this, you can do Ghar Baithe Kaam. You can do an online job by creating an account on it.

In this, you have Mobile Developer, Web Developer, Content Writing, Designers, Seo, and many more such jobs, which you can choose according to your skill. There are lakhs of job posts on this every year.

4. What is TaskRabbit

Task Rabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, providing consumers with instant help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivering, and handyman work. Founded in 2008, Leah Basquiu,

The company has received $37.7 million in funding to date and currently has thousands of “taskers” available to help consumers buy background checks across a wide variety of categories. Busch founded Task Rabbit when he didn’t have time to buy dog ​​food, basing it on the idea of ​​”neighbors helping neighbors.”

5. What is wonder

1. Visit the research Dashboard when you’re ready to start working.

2. We’ll assign you a request to work on.

3. Find answers/sources and synthesize your findings.

4. Submit your work and celebrate!

6. What is Sourablog

How can you earn money from Sourablog because Sourablog is a blog in which we come and read interesting articles, then how can we earn money from it, we tell how you can earn money from Sourablog

You can’t earn money from Sourablog right now because our company is adding an income part to Sourablog so that you can earn money while reading this article, if not more than this, then take your jump, you don’t have to work too hard, just have you.

If you have a mobile or computer then you can earn money from Sourablog. So you stay connected with Sourablog because in our upcoming feature, whoever creates the first account, we will reward him with 10,000, so stay connected because every notification coming is important for you.

7. What is Merch by amazon

The special thing about this type of account is that there is no annual or monthly fee (fees) in it. The seller can sell a maximum of 40 items each month through this account, and all these items must be listed on Amazon.

An individual seller can never create a new inventory of goods, so the seller will be able to sell only those goods, which are already running on the Amazon platform. The seller will not be able to sell the goods of his label from this account.

Registration in this is also free. Amazon also charges a $0.99 selling price (referral fee) and closing fee for each item sold. Those opening their own account do not get any kind of ‘Advertising Platform’, from which they are not able to promote their goods.

8. What is Hiresine

Earn Rs 386.4 on typing a page. Friends, with the information I am giving you today, you can do a Part-Time or Full-Time Typing Job, in which you have to earn money by just typing, and by typing just one page, you can earn $ 6 and in Indian cancer $ 6 = 386.4.

So let us now read its complete information. Friends, this is an Online Typing Job which happens on a website and the name of that website is HireSine, this is a very popular and reliable website on which you can earn your money by working.

You can earn money from this website in many ways, so let me first tell you this. In this, you have to write a page of 2,000 words, after which you earn $ 4 to $ 6, you can also use applications like MS Word to type the page.

9. What is Affiliate marketing

Hearing the word Affiliate marketing, you must have felt that this is some kind of market but it is not like that in today’s era we are becoming digital as if computer/laptop or mobile has become a part of our life, online is such a place.

Which can make you praise or defame you in this world is a small part of this online world. If you buy a lot online or buy any online course, then it benefits the company,

so to increase this benefit, the company has come out with a scheme in which you sell the product of their company, then you will get some commission for that product. You will get which will benefit the company and you, this is called Affiliate Marketing.

10. What is Blogging

What is a blog, if we say blog in simple words, then writing a post blog is a website where you get the knowledge where someone writes content and posts it. The blog is written on a kind of niche or multi-niche means niche.

A kind of blog like we took the keyword technology, now you will get written about technology in that blog, you will not get the account about anyone else, multi-niche means you will get written about different things and about the niche or multi-niche For more information,

you can do a google search. There are 50 crore blog websites in the world, in which 100 crore blog posts are written, every month 50 crore people like you read the post every month, you can share the blog post in social media, the beginning of the blog In 1994, the first-word “weblog” was used. Peter Merholz shortened “weblog” and named it blog, from which the word blog started. 1111

11. What is Youtube channel

You must have heard from many people that they are earning money by making videos on YouTube. Yes, money can indeed be earned by making videos. You can also earn good money by uploading your own or some of your different content videos on YouTube. This can benefit you a lot and you can earn good money

In such a situation, if you want to earn a lot of money, then you can do it with the help of YouTube. However, for this, some technical things will also have to be taken care of. And keeping these things in mind, you can easily convert the views you get on the video into money. So let’s know how to earn money from youtube

12. What is Swagbucks

There is a good platform to earn money on Swagbucks. On which you can earn money by working online for just 5-10 minutes a day. After reading this post you can earn at least $100 per month. In this article, you will get complete information about Swagbucks whether it is legal or a scam.

What are Swagbucks and how to earn money from it and ways to earn money from it? You get points when you do small tasks like watching interesting videos, searching the web, answering surveys.

And find great deals, shop, play games, and do a lot more by using the points you’ll get for gift cards at your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or you can get cashback from PayPal. Money comes directly to your account.

13. What is Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense? Many of you must have heard this name. When we do blogging or any other online work, then most of the people have this motive that how to earn money. Making money online is not a big deal.

Everyone can earn money from the Internet, but for that, you have to be diligent. Not that you have installed the Internet and by making a blog or website, your income will start. Without hard work, no one has got or will get anything. You always have to be serious about your work.

After creating a blog, money does not come from there. You have to prepare your blog for that. As we do not earn money by planting grains, that we have to sell them. So in the same way you will also have to put advertisements in your blog.

Whatever ads you put in your blog, he will give you money for it. AdSense is also a kind of advertising company, through which you can earn a lot of money. Let us know about him in detail.

14. What is Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a popular platform for selling a type of online photos. Where you can upload and sell photos, illustrations, videos, vectors, and even self-made clips. You do not need to take any kind of subscription to create an account on Shutterstock.

For this, you have to create an account on Shutterstock. After that, your captured photos have to be uploaded on Shutterstock. Then Shutterstock will approve your photos and put them up for sale. After this, if anyone downloaded or bought those photos, then you will get money for that.

If you upload photos by downloading them from the Internet, then they will be rejected. Whenever someone makes an online purchase of the photo uploaded by you, you get money for each photo. Also, there is a very special thing in this, that if you buy the same photo again and again, then you get its money again and again.

15. What is 2Captcha

The question in the mind of many people is that what is Captcha? Before working on this type of website, everyone definitely wants to know that What Is Captcha in Hindi, so let’s know about 2 Captcha.

2Captcha is such a website on which you can easily earn money by creating an account and solving the captcha, on this website you have to re-enter after seeing the captcha with normal words and the captcha with the picture, for which you are given money which is in your account. It keeps on getting deposited and then you can transfer it to your bank account.


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