What is Alexa Rank and how to increase it in 2021

What is Alexa Rank and how to increase it in 2021

(What is Alexa Rank and the way to extend it in 2021 ) Maybe you recognize what’s this Alexa Rank? Because if you’re from the blogging field then you need to have known about what’s Alexa Rank, how it works, and why it’s important. If not, then today’s article goes to be very informative.

Every blogger wants to understand a way to increase the Alexa ranking of their website? Because this is often} a very important factor so visitors can be interested in your blog and at the identical time it also provides information to the readers that your blog may be the professional blog. On the opposite hand, if you’ve got an improved Alexa rank, then it also helps in improving your blog traffic even more.

On the other hand, if your Alexa rank is good, then other bloggers may also list your blog’s link (on context), which means that you will also get google the opposite hand, if your Alexa rank is sweet, then other bloggers may additionally list your blog’s link (on context)

which suggests that you just also will get good quality backlinks from the great domain in your blog. Here today during this article, what’s Alexa Rank and the way to boost it, we are going to teach you ways you’ll improve the Alexa Rank of your blog.

Whereas if you are a new blogger then after reading this article you will definitely get basic information about Alexa Rank, which is going to help you increase the ranking of your blog. Then without delay let’s start.

sourablog Alexa ranking

What is Alexa Rank ?

Your site’s Alexa rank reflects how popular your site is on the Internet compared to other sites. It also shows the position of your site relative to other websites. Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. It ranks websites of about millions based on their popularity, which means that the one that has Alexa Rank 1 is the most popular.

This rank also reveals how a website is performing in comparison to others, which makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis. This rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement based on the past three months.

Traffic and engagement are estimated by looking at the browsing behavior of people in the global panel, which is a sample for all Internet users. Since it measures the position of your site about other sites, the rank of your site does not only depend on the traffic of that site but also on the changes in the traffic of the other website.

History of Alexa

Alexa was launched in 1996, a California-based subsidiary of Amazon.com (acquired by Amazon in 1999) that at the time specialized in providing commercial web traffic data. She used to gather with the help of different toolbars and web browser extensions.

Some of Alexa’s most important previous activities were databases that were served on an on-premise basis so that a Wayback Machine could be created, and now these search facilities have been discontinued.

At the same time, this is their Alexa Rank: This is a metric that ranks websites in order of their popularity or how that website has performed in the last 3 months.

How do I increase my Alexa rank?

So are you ready to increase your Alexa Ranking? I am going to tell you some great tips right now which are going to help you a lot in increasing the Alexa Rank of your blog.

Then let’s know about some tips.

1) Increase the traffic of your blog

This is a major factor to improve the Alexa Ranking of your website. Because Alexa ranks your blog according to your traffic. If you will get more traffic daily then it will definitely improve your Alexa rank.

I believe that if you gradually increase your traffic, then it will also improve your Alexa rank. A small increase in blog traffic can make a big difference in your ranking.

2) Average Time in Your Site

This is the second most important factor to increase the Alexa rank. Because Alexa checks how long your visitor stays on the site. So engage your content so that more people stay in the post and eventually your average time will increase.

Some tips so that the user stays on your site for a long time:-

1. Inbound Link: – This is a better way so that you can engage your users on your site. In this, you have to use the URL of your other post in one post. Due to this, users stay in your post for a long time. Note that only use the related post.

2. Related Post: – You can use some related post plugins. Posts related to this will appear at the end of your blog post. Together with this, users switch from one post to another. Eventually, the average time increases.

By using both of these tips, you can use it to keep users on your site for a long time.

3) Average Page Views Per Visitor

If your average page view per visitor is good then it helps you to increase your Alexa rank. So try to increase your average page view. To increase it you can use both the above-given methods i.e. inbound link and related post plugin.

4) Produce Original Content

Our content needs to be original in improving Alexa Rank. If our content is original then our Alexa rank will also improve day by day. That’s why try to always add original content to the blog.

Expert Advice:
Alexa also uses intelligence algorithms like Google, so never copy any other blog article, otherwise, your Alexa Rank will also drop and Google will also stop indexing your site.

5) Add Alexa Widget to your site

It is common logic that if you add an Alexa widget to your site then it will encourage the user to click on them. When someone clicks on it, then only you will get benefit from it. So try to use the Alexa widget on your site.

Commenting on others’ blog is a very easy task to get backlinks for your blog. Because in this you just have to comment on another popular blog. Whenever someone clicks on your comment or profile pic, it gets redirected directly to your blog. For this, you have to specify the URL of your blog in the website field, which is located below the comment box.

7) Write a Review Article for Alexa

By writing a review article for Alexa, it will 100% help you to improve your Alexa Rank because nowadays Alexa is a very common keyword that is most searched on Google.

So if you write a review for Alexa that is also unique then it is going to help you a lot to increase your blog traffic, which will improve your Alexa rank. At the same time, you can also give a backlink to Alexa which is much better for your blog traffic.

8) Update Blog Regularly

There are many blogs related to your niche on the Internet, so if you do not write on your blog frequently, then it may show a decline in your Alexa rank. Once your Alexa rank is low, then it takes a lot of time to achieve the earlier rank. Therefore, if you believe me, keep updating your blog regularly, so that your Alexa rank will gradually improve.

Post an article at least a week and try to update your old articles. Believe me, if you follow these tips given by me properly then not only your Alexa Ranking will increase but your blog traffic will also increase a lot.

How to check Alexa Rank?

To check Alexa Rank, by the way, we are telling you, you will not have to visit Alexa’s site again and again. Just for this, you have to install Alexa Toolbar. To check the Alexa Rank of your website or any website, follow the steps given below.

You can also check your Alexa Rank by using this URL

Here you can use your domain name in place of Sourablog.

Follow this step:-

Step 1: First you have to go to its website alexa.com

Step 2: After visiting the website, you have to click on ‘Install Alexa Browser Extension’

Step 3: Now the option of ‘Add Extension‘ will appear in front of you, click on it.

Step 4: Alexa Toolbar has been installed in your web browser. Now restart the browser.

Step 5: Alexa’s symbol will appear on the top right side of the browser. Enable the toolbar there.

How important is Alexa’s rank?

Alexa rank is important because with this you can understand your website better and by looking at it, you can know what the visitor likes, you can improve the traffic of your website by looking at the mistake you have made, in this way Alexa ranking is necessary

Is it necessary to improve Alexa Rank?

Yes, improving Alexa rank is very important for any blog. If you are a blogger then you must try to improve the Alexa rank of your site. This is because it provides better authority, creates a good impression in the minds of advertisers and readers, as well as helps in increasing your revenue.


Most readers first check the Alexa rank of your blog and if they find it right, only then do they read your content and start following the blog. Some comment only for the backlink and that later helps in improving your page rank.

How does Alexa get its data?

Alexa gets 3 months of website data from the hosting server or Google analytics, which means Alexa finds out the hosting provider of your website, then by contacting them, takes 3 months of data of your website, then it puts the data in front of you. Alexa does all this work so fast that it gives you the data of your website in a few seconds.

Alexa gives out the traffic of your website from Google analytics, in this Alexa gives your website whether it is connected to Google analytics or not, if it is connected then Alexa contacts Google and takes the data of your site and puts it in front of you, Alexa, There is a huge server in which all this information is available.

What SEO means?

With SEO, you can increase the Alexa rank of your website, if you do not know what SEO is, then you can see this post What is SEO? How it works in Hindi(Start Learning) with Sourablog of ours. Alexa ranking increases with SEO

6 such myths that we believe about Alexa Traffic Rank?

Who can stop people’s words? They just need things on which they can start building things. At the same time, there are many myths (misconceptions) among people regarding Alexa Traffic Rank. Many people also believe these myths to be true. Alexa’s ranking system was introduced for the first time in 1988. Many myths started forming around it about what else it was.

#1: Alexa only measures traffic from people who have installed the Alexa Toolbar in their browser.

This is not right! Alexa’s measurement panel is based on a very large and diverse set of browser extensions and plug-ins. This Alexa Toolbar is one of those browser extensions that contain Alexa data.

Whereas the sites where Alexa Certify code is installed, Alexa directly measures the traffic from all the visitors of their website, whether they have a browser extension installed or not.

#2: Alexa only measures internet marketers and site owners

This is related to the earlier myth. Which is not correct. Alexa’s traffic panel is based on millions of people who use more than 25,000 different browser extensions that appeal to a wide audience.

#3: Claiming my site affects the rank

Claiming a site does not have any effect on its ranking and also you should not claim your site simply because it is going to affect the ranking of your site.

By the way, Claiming your site (this is a free service) and with this, you can keep your site description and contact information up-to-date so that you never miss any potential business opportunities because Alexa gets around 10 crores per month. Even more, people visit.

#4: Installing Alexa widget improves rank

No, these Alexa rank widgets only allow you to promote your site rank with your visitors. This widget is not used to measure the traffic of the site.

#5: If the traffic of my site goes up in a particular day, then my ranking will also automatically improve.

This is not necessary. This global Alexa Rank is updated daily, but it is mainly based on the visitors coming to your website that too in the last 3 months.

In such a situation, the traffic of a day is just a small part to determine how the rank of the website will be. Also, the ranking of your site is relative to other sites. Therefore, any change in the traffic of others has an effect on the ranking of your site.

#6: If we pay Alexa then our rank can be better.

No way. It is a fact that Alexa’s Marketing Stack can help you to discover such opportunities so that your website can get more traffic, which can provide a better rank for you later.

Whereas if you install Alexa Certify Code on your website then Alexa can directly measure the traffic of your site and not estimate it. Direct measurement provides a better and accurate rank to your site, but more accuracy does not mean that a better rank.


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