What is Computer basic knowledge and Skills?

Whenever a person is asked that do you know computer? So people would often answer this question that yes I know computers. But when they are asked about Basic Knowledge of Computer, they are often silent.

Yes, today computer indeed comes to many people but very few people keep Computer Fundamental in Hindi in their mind. This information is such that without knowing it, no one can become an export to the computer.

That is why if you want to do deep study in computer or want to have a good hold on the computer then you must have basic knowledge of computer then only you can become an export. In this article, we have told the general knowledge about computer in very easy words, so definitely read it completely.

You must know very well the answer to the question “what is a computer and what is its use”. That’s why go ahead and know about such things that you might not know.

What is the full form of a computer?

You must know what a computer is and we tell you the full form of a computer. The word computer is made up of 8 alphabets. Talking about the full form of computer, the full form of computer

Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research

How does the computer work?

The computer works with the help of both hardware and software devices. Hardware is called those parts of the computer which we can physically touch and with the help of which we can give information and data to the computer. CPU ie central processing unit is the most important part of any hardware. in hardware

Software is not a physical part of a computer, but software can be easily stored in other physical mediums like hard disk, CD, pen drive, ROM. Software is called those programs and instructions of the computer, with the help of which the hardware of the computer works.

What are some basic computer skills?

Basic computer skills in a computer that you should know which will help you to learn, out of these skills, you can learn what you like and make your carrier in it, you can learn these skills online also that too for free.

After learning basic computer, you get to know about technology. In basic computer, you come to know that in which place you have to make your carrier in the computer field, in the basic computer you get the knowledge of basic things of the computer.

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Graphic design
  3. Writing
  4. Database management
  5. Email and other communication software

1. Digital marketing

What is digital marketing, in digital marketing, we create a blog, create a website, or an email marketing company promotes its product, in addition to tracking the data of the company’s app or website, this work is also done.

  • Email marketing
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Website analytics
  • Social media management (SMM)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Content marketing

2. Graphic design

Graphic design means doing video editing or making a poster, designing the header and footer of the website, doing photo editing, there are many types of graphic design, you can make your carrier in graphic design.

  • Design software
  • Vector-based graphic software
  • Photo editing and manipulation software
  • Desktop publishing
  • Video creation software

How can I learn basic computer?

How can we learn basic computer, there are two ways to learn computer basic, one is online and the other is computer class. You can learn from YouTube and you can buy courses to learn advanced in it. You can learn basic computer even by going to computer class

This you can learn basic computer by going to your neighborhood computer class, in this computer sir takes monthly money from you but you can get basic knowledge in computer well, my advice is that you can take a computer class. Learn basic computer only by going because clear any of your doubts

What are the types of software?

This era is called the era of IT i.e. information technology, today scientists have prepared many such computers and other devices which are much better than humans. Software is required to use all such devices, although there are many types of software, today we will learn about three types of software.

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software
  3. Utility Software

1. System Software

System software is software that provides a platform for other software to run. It is also called the master system and operating system of a computer system because it provides a platform to operate application software, utility software, and other software.

System software includes software for all operating systems macOS, Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows, computational, industrial automation, etc. service applications.

It is not possible to use any application software, utility software, or any other software without system software, system software allows the user to interact directly with the hardware and other software.

2. Application Software

Application software is software that allows the user to perform user-oriented tasks such as creating text documents, playing games, listening to songs and browsing the web, etc. Application software is only for performing a specific task, some examples of application software are ms word, excel, Mozilla, chrome, VLC, etc.

3. Utility software

The main job of utility software is to manage your system and correct any problems that may occur on the system. This is the toolbox of your system, through which you can fix your system at the software level.

Through this, you can speed up your system, protect it from viruses and save it from other problems, utility software makes many of our tasks easier. A prime example of utility software is antivirus, by which you can protect your computer from viruses.

How many parts are there of the computer?

Most of you must have heard the name of the computer and many people will have a computer of their own in today’s time, many times we are curious to know the names of computer parts, computer’s hardware parts, parts. Information of computer

There are many such parts of a computer, but there are 5 main parts of the computer, which are very important, whose name is 1. Mouse, 2. Keyboard, 3. Monitor, 4. CPU, 5. Printer, all these are parts of the computer. what you guys should know

Basic computer knowledge for job

If you do basic in computer then you can do the job up to ₹10,000 – ₹20,000 in any company, you don’t have much advance if you have basic perfect then you can get private or government job nowadays degree doesn’t matter your skill matters Is

If you have learned your graphic design, then you can get a job like a photo editing or banner making or logo designing or website decorating or video editing in the company, whose salary will depend on your work, if you design well then you will get a good salary.

If you have learned your digital marketing, then it is very good, you do not need to find any job, you can start your own business, you can earn by creating your website or blog, you can earn by writing content, you can analyze your website. do you will be the master of the jump

If you want to do a job, then you can get a good job in a company by doing website analysis or by watching SEO or by doing content writing or by doing email marketing in the company, in this, you can earn around ₹ 18,000 – ₹ 40,000 salaries.

What is good computer skill?

Computer skill is very good for you, you can earn from home by learning any skill inside the computer because nowadays degree does not matter, you should have the skill, we have not said that degree is not of any use, the degree should be there but with learning any skill

What are RAM and ROM in the computer?

Do you know what is the reason behind all these problems to be slow or hang? Let us know, the biggest reason for this is that the RAM and ROM of your computer or mobile. So now let us see what is RAM and ROM or what is RAM and what are its types. Let us now see one by one, what are RAM and ROM?

1. RAM

RAM is volatile memory, Random-Acces-Memory meaning when we switch off or on the computer, the data stored in RAM is lost. Therefore, a UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is often used for a backup with the computer. RAM is smaller in physical size and the amount of data to be stored.

Types of RAM

  1. Dynamic RAM (DRAM)
  2. Static RAM (SRAM)
  3. Rambus Dynamic RAM (RDRAM)

2. ROM

The full-form or full name of ROM is Read-Only Memory. ROM memory stores information that only memory can read but cannot write. ROM memory is a non-volatile memory, meaning it stores data even when the light goes off and does not allow data to be lost.

Types of ROM

  1. PROM (Programmable ROM)
  2. EPROM (Erasable Programmable ROM)
  3. EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM)
  4. Flash ROM

What are technical skills?

Today in this era of technology, we are all connected to the Internet through computers and smartphones, and through this, we complete our work digitally but do you know that there are many such hardware parts in your Smartphone and computer system, due to which our All tasks are necessary to complete.

Advanced computer skills

If you have learned computer skills, then now if you want, you can learn advanced computer skills because after learning advanced in computer skills, you can become a good computer expert, in this, you will be taught all the basic things at an advanced level.

If you have learned your advance then you can start your own big business if you do not do business then you can achieve high-level post in any company in which you can get good salary if you want an article on advance skill then you comment us We will tell you about the advanced skill of computer.


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