What is Fiewin and how much money can I earn from it?

What is Fiewin and how much money can I earn from it?

If you have also heard the name of Fiewin app on social media or YouTube, then a question must have come in your mind that what is this Fiewin app? And how to earn money online with this Fiewin app? And how much money can be earned by referring you, you will get complete information in this post.

If you want the answer to all these questions, then read this post completely because today in this post I will tell you what is this Fiewin and how to earn money online from this Fiewin.

What is Fiewin Application?

fiewin app is an online way to earn money, in this you can earn good money by playing games or referring your friend or family member, in this app you do not have to work too hard, by this you can earn almost a month. You can earn 5 lakh absolutely free

To earn money from fiewin you have to register by clicking on this link www.fiewin.com/#/L?no=luckymG4j&ic=l6Yw you will get 10 rupees for registering from my link then you recharge in this app then double the money by playing the game

As soon as you are registered in their website, you will see many games in front of you which if you play and win then you are given some money to win that game which gets added to your wallet.

Similarly, if you keep playing the game again and again and keep winning, then you can easily earn money online sitting at home with fiewin app.

How to Register in Fiewin Application?

First of all click on this link www.fiewin.com/#/L?no=luckymG4j&ic=l6Yw

Then something like this in front of you then your mobile no. Then enter that no. When OTP will come on pay, enter it and enter password, then register, you will get 10rup as soon as you register, then play games and earn money.

How to earn money by playing games and referrals in Fiewin

Fiewin has 6 types of games from which you can earn money

1 Fast parity

In this, you can earn money by detecting the color, you will be getting three color shows in it, Green, Voilet, Red, by giving you 30 seconds in it, you have to find out that 30 sec. What’s the matter, which color comes if you win then double the money

2 Refer Earn
With this app, if you call a friend or family member in this app, then you get 1Rupess and you get 2% of what your friend earns, as if your friend has worked for 50000 rupees, then you will get 1000 ruppes.


By now you must have understood what is fiewin and how it works and how can you do with this, if there is anything wrong in this post or if you do not understand, then comment us on Saurabh Prajapat, the writer and owner of this blog.

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